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Emotional Decisions: Advantages to making them

Seven ways our emotions are necessary for decision making

Emotional Decision Making: Science and Neurobiology

Exploring the role of emotions in decision making, and the neurobiology that facilitates them.

Logic, the Universe, and God

What is the role of logic in mathematics, religion and in understanding our universe? Belief in God is used as an example of deductive and inductive logic.

Aristotle on Knowledge and Stupidity

Aristotle taught us that from a science perspective, we don't know anything about our physical world with 100% certainty. This episode explores the role of scientific laws, theories, and religion in answering mankind's questions.

Cleanliness: The Science

The science of cleanliness. What is dirt? How does science measure cleanliness? This episode explores pathogens, germs, bacterial reproduction, viral replication, how soap works, and the effectiveness of the wadu ritual. Technical terms used in the cleaning science and industrial sectors, such as Colony Forming Units, and Log Reduction, are explained.

The History of Cleanliness

The surprising history of hygiene from the ancient Babylonians to modern times.

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